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August 27, 2019

Ep 96 - Orgone Accumulators, Wilhelm Reich and Bions with Peter Jones

This week we are talking about all things Orgonomy as we are joined by Peter Jones. Peter is an orgonomy researcher, author and  founder of CORE (Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education) based in Preston, UK.

We cover early aspects of Wilhelm Reich's life and work in Psychoanalysis, his relocation around Europe and the US, and his development of orgone theory.   We also covered Brownian Motion, observing bions, how to build an orgone accumulator, experiments with orgone accumulators and armouring.

We also spend some time on Wilhelm Reich's legal problems with the FDA, the sociopolitical environment leading to his incarceration and Peter's book, Artificers of Fraud: The Origin of Life and Scientific Deception, which is available from the CORE website along with a huge list of orgonomy booklets covering a myriad of topics.


That should give you a flavour of the conversation but needless to say there was lots more and we feel like we barely scratched the surface in the time available.

Orgonomy is a huge topic.   Hopefully we will be able to pick up the conversation again soon and delve a little deeper.

In the meantime, for anyone who can't wait for Episode: No??Orgonomy Redux, here is a link to the CORE website and Peter's YouTube channel orglancs

We had a great time talking to Peter and we hope you enjoy listening.


Peace Out

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