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196 - Nigel Howitt : Critical Thinking, Values and Finding Meaning

August 23rd, 2021

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we are joined by organic farmer and podcaster, Nigel Howitt from

We had a great chat with Nigel across vast swathes of issues. Please check out his podcast Living Outside The Matrix and support independent content creators. We had a bit of jittery audio early on, but I managed to rectify it about ten minutes in.

Nigel’s Links:

Website -

Podcast - - and all major platforms

YouTube -

BitChute -

Topics and Themes mentioned with Nigel…. How Free We Are, Relationship to Government, Land Ownership, Commercial Piloting, Work Life Balance, Finding Meaning, Values, Self Sufficiency, Homesteading, Living Off-Grid, Critical Thinking, Too Much Choice, Determining A Set Of Values, State School, Conformity, Comprehensive Education, Self Directed Learning, WEF, Agenda 21, Reason and Logic, Ayn Rand, Cognitive Dissonance, Disconnecting From Media, Random Reward, Instant Gratification, Censorship, Climate Change, Coercion, Medical Martial Law, 15 Minute City, Sustainable Development Goals, Rewilding, Emmigration, Health Passports, Government Messaging, Principles, Bodily Autonomy, Setting Precedents, Behavioural Insights Team, Communism, Lockdown, NHS, Private Healthcare System, Taking Responsibility For Your Health, ….

After our chat with Nigel, we covered the usual housekeeping, Rona News and other topical developments in Part Deux.

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