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189 - Mark Fiorentino : Anti-Gravity, Interstellar Travel and Weaponized Black Holes

June 21st, 2021

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we are joined by independent researcher and author of 'Master of Reality: Super Relativity - The Unified Field Theory'. Please check out the links to Mark's work below.

Website -
Blog -

Book Trailer and YouTube Channel -

Topics mentioned with Mark... Einstein, Anti-Gravity, Unified Field Theory, Gravitational Field, Electromagnetism, Ether, The Nature Of Space, Slipwave, Particle Motion, Electrostatic Field, Mass, Isaac Newton, Acceleration, Equivalence Principle, Special Theory Of Relativity, Inertia, Vacuum, String Theory, Transverse Waves, Speed Of Light, Space Travel, Interstellar Travel, Lorentz Transformation, Breaking The Lightspeed Barrier, Time Dilation, Nature Of Time, Weaponized Black Holes, Fermi Paradox, Populating The Galaxy, UFO, UAE, etc ...

After our chat with Mark we covered the usual housekeeping, news etc...

***VIDEO VIEWERS: we lost a minute or so of audio at the start of this episode with Mark. Don't panic and stick with it.***

Producer Credits for Ep 189: Jay Hurst, Gav Scott, Slicko83, Lee from The Big Conspire, Chardy, mummabear, Sunny1FunnyFarm, Helen from Discord, Nomae NosNoj and anonymous.

189 Artwork - Jay Hurst

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