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177 - Kris Newby : Lyme Disease, Biological Weapons and Gain of Function Research

March 29th, 2021

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we are joined by award-winning scinece/technology writer and author of Bitten:The Secret History Of Lyme Disease And Biological Weapons (also available on Audible), Kris Newby.

Please go to to find out more.

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Twitter: @krisnewby

Topics mentioned with Kris... Lyme Disease, Ticks, Lone Star Tick, Under Our Skin, Fort Detrick, Medical Patent, Biological Weapons Program, Cold War Research, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Gain Of Function Research, Tuskegee Experiment, Operation Mongoose, Willy Burgdorfer, Agent Orange, Zika Virus, Wuhan Lab, Chronic Lyme, Long Covid, Red Meat Allergy, Research Grants,  etc  ...

After our chat with Kris we covered the usual housekeeping, Rona News and funny stuff.

Producer Credits for Ep 177: MummaBear from Sunny Essex, Online Chemistry Tutor, Gav Scott, Nomae NosNoj, Wandering Wyatt, Tamborista 2020 and Anonymous.

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