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174 - Robbie Robertson : Edibles, Transhumanism and Darth Maul

March 8th, 2021

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we are joined by Robbie from Out Of The Blank podcast.

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Topics mentioned with Robbie... Groceries, Naked Old Dudes, Lockdown, Animal Crackers, Smoking in the House, Weed, Edibles, Pulling A Whitey, Anal Drinking, Censorship, Freemasonry, Value For Value, Larry King, Deadpools, Prince Philip, John Travolta, Scientology, Flat Earth, Moon Landing, DARPA, EATR Robot, Transhumanism, Inspector Gadget, Dogs vs Cats, Star Wars, Mark Hamill, Ewoks, Hoth, Power Ranger,  etc  ...

After our chat with Robbie we covered the usual housekeeping, Rona News and funny stuff.

Producer Credits for Ep 174: Nomae NosNoj, Gav Scott, H8terDave and Anonymous.

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174 Show Assets:

Health unions warn of strike action over 1% NHS pay proposal - BBC News

Piers Is 'Appalled' by 200,000 NHS Staff Who Have Refused the Vaccine | Good Morning Britain

Nurses union readies for strike action after proposed 1% pay rise for NHS staff | ITV News

Covid death rate 10 times higher in countries with high obesity | DW News

Lord Sumption: mass civil disobedience has begun

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate.. to suffering"

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