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168 - Dr David Grimes : Vitamin D, Seasonality and Pascal’s Wager

January 18th, 2021

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we are joined by Dr David Grimes. David is a retired consultant physician, gastroenterologist and the co-author of 'Vitamin D Deficiency and Covid-19: Its central role in a world pandemic'. He has decades of research experience in this subject and it was a privilege to talk with him.

David laid it all out for us with an excellent presentation on the benefits of Vitamin D, particularly during the current crisis, please check it out on our YouTube channel (link below). We strongly encourage you to follow his advice and spread this message to everyone you know.

You can find David's website and blog here:

Buy the book here:

Also available from all good bookshops.

Follow David on Twitter here:

Topics mentioned... Vitamin D Deficiency, Covid-19, Life Expectancy, Anxiety, Lockdown, Seasonality, Vitamin D Production, National Institute For Clinical Excellence, Cordoba Trial, Melanin, Immune System, Covid-19 Risk Factors, Pascal's Wager, Dosage, Zinc, Vitamin D Reserves, Excess Deaths, Sun Beds, Plankton, Influenza, Big Pharma, Vaccines, Herd Immunity, Hong Kong Flu, H3N2, SAGE, etc  ...

After we spoke with David we did the usual housekeeping, covered the Covid News and some of the funnier moments from the week.

Producer Credits for Ep 168: Gav Scott, Mark Anthony Wyatt, RobertDay78, Nomae NosNoj, BruceWayner83, The Hundreth Monkey, MadAtUsCosTheyAintUs and Anonymous.

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