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162 - Mark Anthony Wyatt : Cornwall, The Knockers and Joseph of Arimathea

December 7th, 2020

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week were joined author and researcher, Mark Anthony Wyatt. We had great fun chatting with Mark about Cornwall. We also covered some hidden history, a few Cornish legends and myths, as well as some cool personal stories.

Please check out Mark's books, The Spirit of Cornwall: A Haunted Legacy Volumes I and II here...


Topics mentioned with Mark... Cornwall, Cultural Divide, Roundabouts, Boy Racers, Land's End, Tintagel, Arthurian Legend, Glastonbury, The Avalonians, Esotericism, Joesph of Arimathea, Jesus in Cornwall, Oral Tradition, Ancient Tin Trade, The Dark Ages, Saffron Cake, The Knockers, St Piran's Day, Padstow, 'Obb 'Oss, Pagans, Cornish Nationalism, Ethnic Cleansing, Henry VIII, John Prine, Jesus The Missing Years, Mary Magdalene, Air Rifles, Northerners, Regional Accents, The Spirit of Cornwall, Ghosts,    ...

After our chat with Mark we did a bit of housekeeping, went over the latest Rona News and covered some funnier stories of the week.

Producer Credits for Ep 162: Mark Anthony Wyatt, Graham Dunlop from The Grimerica Show, Richard Mounsey, Gav Scott, Tamborista 2020, Full Metal Keto AF, Panhead, Raymond Jetsquad and Anonymous.

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