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158 - Marek Zmyslowski : Nigeria, Extreme Poverty and Geopolitics

November 9th, 2020

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we are joined by Marek Zmyslowski.

Marek is Polish-born entrepreneur and executive, focused on Online Business and Renewable Energy, passionate about Frontier and Emerging Markets.
He is also the bestselling author of “Chasing Black Unicorns: How building the Amazon of Africa put me on Interpol's most wanted list”.

We had a blast talking with Marek, firstly about his personal story working in Africa, then expanding to the larger situation regarding poverty, lack of infrastructure and Geopolitics. We are sure you will appreciate Marek's insight around these topics and we feel we certainly came away with a better understanding of whats happening on the continent.

Please check out Marek's website and buy the book here...

All profits from the book got to Marek's charity the MaYa Foundation, find out more here...

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Topics mentioned with Marek ... Chasing Black Unicorns, Interpol, Start-up, Online Funeral Service, Nigeria, Shares, Rocket Internet, Investment Funds, Boko Haram, Online Travel, eCommerce, Lagos, Marketing, Energy Security, Bribery, Corruption, White Man Tax, Extradition, Jumia, Protectionism, Godfather, Four Stages Of Grief, Bureaucracy, Nigerian Justice System, Extreme Poverty, Inequality, 4th Industrial Revolution, Demographic Liabilities, 1% Class, Super Rich, Growing Middle Class, Power and Politics, Exploitation of Natural Resources, Geopolitics, International Aid, China in Africa, Infrastructure, Censorship, Transfer of Skills, Internet Shutdowns, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, MaYa Foundation ...   

After our chat with Marek, we went through the usual Housekeeping, took a deep dive on some new Rona data and played silly SFX.

Producer Credits for Ep 158: DCI Shanks, Ammy The Artist, Tamborista 2020, Gav Scott, ConjuringOverCoffee, Literally Shane Davies, Luke Perry, Nomae NosNoj, Panhead, Chardy and Giz Bain.

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