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153 - Cometan: Astronism, Star Worship and The Cosmic Hunt

October 5th, 2020

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we are joined by author, philosopher and founder of Astronism, Cometan. We had a few audio gremlins here and there but don't worry they are only brief. I obviously forgot to perform the necessary sacrifice to the Gods of Wi-Fi.

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Topics mentioned with Cometan... Astronism, Origins of Theology, Archaeology, Prehistory, Astronality, Paganism, Abrahamic, Dharmic, Taoic, paleolithic, Ancient Cave Art, Ancient Carvings, Cup Marks, Lascaux Cave, Chauvet Cave, Constellations, The Cosmic Hunt, Orion, Dawn of Agriculture, Ice Age, The First Religion, Star Myths, David Mathisen, Diffusionism, Progenitor Civilisation, Persecution, Connection to the Cosmos, Futurist, Gnosticism, Astrology, Panspermia, Space Exploration, Alien Life, Nicolaus Copernicus, Religious Freedom...

After Cometan we had a reet old laugh going through the Housekeeping, Rona News etc

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