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147 - Gary Arndt: Island Hopping, The Dawn of Civilisation and The Modern Western Diet

August 31st, 2020

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we are joined by globetrotting blogger, photographer and podcaster, Gary Arndt from
Gary was a great guest with knowledge of all sorts of different subjects that we touched on during the conversation. Thanks to Gary for sparing some of his time to spend with us, were sure you'll find it as interesting as we did.

Please check out Gary's website
You can find his podcast Everything Everywhere Daily on your favourite podcast platform.
Also, lots of Gary's photography is on display at his Instagram profile

Topics covered with Gary...Island Hopping, Leaving the Rat Race, Commuting, Capital Cities, New Yorkers, Local Knowledge, British Currency, Origins of Football, Mayan Ruins, Tourism, Civil War Pensioners, English Longbow, Eurasian Steppe Horse Archers, Genghis Khan, Church of The Holy Sepulchre, Jordan, The Dead Sea, Sea-level Rise, Marine Archaeology, Graham Hancock, Universal Flood Myths, Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics, Uniformitarianism, Randall Carlson, Ice Age Termination, Ancient Migration, Vikings, Dawn of Agriculture, Modern Western Diet, Refined Carbohydrates, Weight Loss, Overkill Hypothesis, Ancient Handbags, Axum, Ark of the Covenant, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Recycled Architecture and The Carnivore Diet....
We went a little long during the post-match debrief, Bank Holiday weekend and all, we sorted some Housekeeping and went over some of the latest Covid developments, chaos in the US and other silly stuff in the usual way.

Producer Credits for episode 147:

Anne Lulunny, Adam and Serfiel, C.A.Alexa, Chad Rickman, VeraLynn, Gav Scott, Full Metal Keto AF and Anonymous.


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