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126 - The Isolation Tapes: 5g, Cat Sacrifice and Jet Set Willy

April 6th, 2020

The one where... Shane huels up for the lockdown, Ben builds a wicker Pope, Matt makes a tinfoil hat and Phil gets trapped in a nutshell....

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we are joined by Shane from P-Town. P-Town is a podcast featuring guests and interviews of all sorts people, from our fair city of Preston. Make sure you check out the links below and support your local podcasters...


Other topics include....Lockdown, Sunbathing, Conspiracies, Ferrero Rocher, 5g, David Icke, Chem Trails, Huel, Keto, Guiness, Sick Dogs, Dog Sick, Dog Socks, Wicker Popes, Face Masks, Viral Loading, Punk Hand Sanitizer, Pokemon, Social Credit Score, Jet Set Willy, PTSD, Working Memory, EMDR, Baby Boom, Butting Heads, Home Schooling, Palm Sunday, Alter Boys, Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, Incense, Christopher Hitchens, Jeffrey Epstein, Ant Middleton, Joe Biden, Total Recall.....

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Producer Credits for Episode 126: Shane Davis, Gav Scott, Eamon Johnson, Anonymous, Anonymous and Anonymous.

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