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Today’s Weather: Brighter in the North, like the people. Unrehearsed nonsense, de-rigeur fake news & plagiarised jokes. Bipedal humanoids, present your dilated aural canals to the assault that is: The Amish Inquisition…

121 - Coronaspiracy, Yorkshire Tea and Keira Bell

March 2nd, 2020

The one where Ben has Schindler's List fro breakfast, Matt slags Kevin Costner and Phil has a nightmare...

Other topics include Leap Days, Sexual Assault, Snake Tartare, Outbreak, Dante's Peak, The Happening, Christian Slater, Prince of Thieves, Allo Allo, Savid Javid, Schools, Trolling Celebrity Mastermind, Withnail and I, Oscar, Jung Filly, Grail Romances and The Tavistock Institute...

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