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169 - Anthony Hoyes : Moon Fossils, The Economic Hitman and The Green New Deal

February 1st, 2021

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we are joined by Anthony Hoyes from the band Vorzug.

Check out Anthony's band at the link below:

Topics mentioned... Flat Earth, Gravity, Electric Universe, Dark Matter, Moon Fossils, Conspiracy Pyramid, Federal Reserve, Stock Market, Unitary Government, Separation of Powers, Wesley Clark 7, Economic Hitman, George Soros, Personal Responsibility, Covid Restrictions, Magic Vaccine, Green New Deal, Agenda 21, Communism, Que Anonymous, Psy-Op, Capitol Riots, Cronie Capitalism, Fractional Reserve Banking, Bitcoin,  etc  ...

After we spoke with Anthony we did the usual housekeeping, covered the Covid News, Davos and some of the funnier moments from the week.

Producer Credits for Ep 169: Dean McCoy, Jethro Tull, BigSpuds, Gav Scott, Rob Walker, Nomae NosNoj, JSpaceman and Anonymous.

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