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163 - TJ Branham : Ingersoll Lockwood, Simulation Theory and Universal Consciousness

December 14th, 2020

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week were joined author and researcher, TJ Branham. We had an interesting chat with TJ covering his research de-coding the work of Ingersoll Lockwood and what the implications of this subject could mean.

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Topics mentioned with TJ... Equidistant Letter Sequence, ELS, Secret Code, Bible Codes, Michael Drosnin, Ingersoll Lockwood, The Last President, Jeffrey Epstein, Birther, Codebreaking, Simulation Theory, Holographic Universe, Sacred Geometry, Harmony, Collective Consciousnous, Psychecedelics, LSD, DMT, Ancient Mystery Schools, Stoned Ape Theory, Neanderthal, Denisovan, Anthropology, ...

After our chat with TJ we did a bit of housekeeping, went over the latest Rona News and covered some funnier stories of the week.

Producer Credits for Ep 163: DJ Pistol Pete, Nomae NosNoj, Tamborista 2020, BabyKukla, Arj, Full Metal Keto AF, Sunny1FunnyFarm, Aliens and Pyramids and Shit and Amish Matt.

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