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156 - Ken Ammi: Genesis 6, Nephilim and Free Will

October 26th, 2020

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we are joined by author, researcher and lecturer Ken Ammi from Ken is analyzing lots of interesting esoteric subjects with razor sharp attention to detail and a methodical approach, drawing conclusions from wherever the evidence leads. 

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Topics mentioned with Ken...Cryptids, Old Testament, Theology, Nephilim, Giants, Book of Enoch, Apochrypha, Gnostic, Free Will, Ethics, Death Penalty, Democracy, Zeitgeist, Etymology, Hebrew, Aramaic, Genesis 6, Men of Renown, Aliens, Occult, Prometheus, Josephus, Noahs Flood, Titans, Gary Wayne, Rephaim, Anakim, King James Version, Land of Milk and Honey, Canaanites, Caleb, Moses, Goliath, Josephus, Cyclops, King Og...

After our chat with Ken, we went through the usual Housekeeping, Rona News and had a reet laugh.

Producer Credits for Ep 156: Ammy The Artist, Diogenes of Sinope, Tamborista 2020, Nick Hall, Raymond Jetsquad, Gav Scott, The Hundreth Monkey and Night Ninja.

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