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Today’s Weather: Brighter in the North, like the people. Unrehearsed nonsense, de-rigeur fake news & plagiarised jokes. Bipedal humanoids, present your dilated aural canals to the assault that is: The Amish Inquisition…

118 - Phillip Schofield, Slavery and CPR

February 10th, 2020

###We had some audible gremlins during the opening theme music, it only lasts 30secs, please forgive us###

The one where Ben is feeling Maleficent, Matt looks forward to home learning, Phil deconstructs Schofe and Joe calls-in on The Batphone.....

Other topics include but are not limited to...

Iowa Caucus, Mayor Pete, Kids Club Cinema, Home Learning, Mathletics, Roman Fullers, Ctesippus, The Oscars, Superbowl Half Time Show, Golfmates, Jordan Peterson and Painkillers...

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